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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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a border clamp down blocks refugees entering the e.u. germany's chancellor calls for an emergency meeting hello. i'm deandre jordan with the world news. also ahead - israeli security raids the al-aqsa mosque violent protests in the democratic republic of congo. over the president's plans to cling on to power. plus - we look at the exhibition that showcases one of the
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world's dissident artists. germany's german chancellor angela merkel is calling for an emergency european meeting in the face of a deepening divide. a minister suggested financial penalties on countries refusing to accept quotas. promoting an angry reaction. boarder are being tightened to stop refugees travelling into and through e.u. austria is the latest country to introduce restrictions a long the border. slovakia starred spot checks with borders. fearing that it could be a transit point for refugees. and hungary shut the mainland route for refugees into the e.u., and ed finished building a fence on the border.
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night time protests are continuing at the border which has been shut. hundreds are spending the night out in the open. they've been frustrated in attempts to get past the fence as andrew simmonds reports. >> with the state of emergency at the border, hungary took the crisis into a new direction, making life harder for refugees. many found themselves stuck in many found themselves stuck in no man's land, with no way in to no man's land, with no way in to hungary, and no way back to serbia. >> they don't understand us - i told the army just to the describe our situation. they don't understand. >> by shutting the main border crossing from serbia to the european union, hungary provoked outrage from the southern neighbours. the government here insists that
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the new asylum laws are justified. >> those that have not applied on that journey to the border, to any kind of asylum, there's no sign of that in the system. and they don't proof of that, they'll be turned back. >> opposition parties attacked the government for its action. >> the order of the life is stronger than the order of the law. it's outrageous what is happening. we will not forgive the measures, the hungarian government. >> the far right party said the government had done too little, too late. one of the leaders spoke at a news conference, heckled by two protesters. [ chants ] iraqi refugees the other side of the fence, were appealing for water and food. the hungarian prime minister
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viktor orban believes he's taking the lead at a time when the e.u. members can't reach agreement on share quotas, and the rift between east and west of the european union has never been bigger. it's shaking the union to its very foundations. >> while e.u. leaders are slow in making decisions on the ground. here the situation once again is we are learning more about joop hungarian police detained a group of syrian refugees for breaching its border fence. it's now planning to build a wire fence along the border with romania, a move criticized by the romanian prime minister most of those seeking refuge in europe are from war torn syria. rockets fired by rebel fighters in the north killed 38 people.
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three neighbourhoods were bombarded according to the syrian observatory for human rights. 14 children were among the dead, and 150 people wounded. >> the syrian president has been speaking to russian media about the refugee crisis, saying europe needs to stop supporting torists in syria. >> the question is not about whether europe is taking refugees or not, but the necessity to remove the prime cause of issue. if europeans are concerned. they should stop. >> 36 palestinians have been injured when israeli security forces stormed the mask in occupi occupied. the site is holy for jews and muslim. for muslims, it's the third holiest after mecca and adina.
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it's the holiest site in judaism. jews call it temple mount because of the tempoles that is thered there in biblical times. for many, this is israeli forces violating the site. for days they mounted accusations against palestinians inside the mosque. tensions have spread to jerusalem's old city. israeli army media is reporting that hundreds of officers will be sent to jerusalem on wednesday. senior palestinian officials warn the violence has the knowns to escalate -- ability to escalate. >> extremists have been reported by the israeli authorities, and the security forces, including some ministers, in trying to change, you know, the situation and the status quo on the
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compound of the al-aqsa mosque. >> the compound is considered holy to muslims, jews and christians. jews are allowed to visit on the eve of the jewish new year, but are not allowed to pray within its rules. after an emergency cabinet meeting on tuesday. prime minister binyamin netanyahu says israel was committed to the status quo, but said that palestinian youths would not be able to prevent jews visiting:. >> palestinians say among the jewish groups that enter a compound of settlers and far right activists, and this is what makes them angry. >> i'm on the ground. i can make sure that they don't desecrate the sanctity of the
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compound. we see how they storm in. the settlers cause sabotage, hitting the women praying here too. >> special media reports that the israeli prime minister is planning to visit the ask. the last time a high profile politician visited the site was in 2000, when ariel sharon was the head. it was an action sparking the uprising. saudi arabia and the owners of a crane that collapsed in mecca - they have beened them. members of the bin laden group has been banned from travelling while an investigation took place. >> more than 100 have been killed. fighting disrupted an opposition rally in the democratic republic of congo. hundreds gathered against plans
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to cling to power. we have this report. >> at first, all seemed to be going well. then this. people rushed to escape a dangerous situation. on the podium, a man suspected of being a supporter of the president tries to get away. opposition members chase after him and beat him. he and other members of the ruling party try to disrupt the rally. >> we are suffering. we are suffering. we might as well be dead. >> opposition leaders in the capital appear to be delaying the election so they can stay in power longer after the 2-term limit ends. that's why they are protesting. >> the opposition tells people to stay calm. it was absolute chaos and people are angry. >> the police eventually intervenes. it was supposed to be a peaceful
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meeting, disrupted. >> government officials say d.r.c. has money. the constitutional court wants the commission to change the dates. they insist that it doesn't need to be a plan to hang on to power. >> we are more than a year before the elections. time that has not yet come. we are talking of local elections. official elections. next year. maybe in september we shall talk about the presidential elections. by then we shall she who is accommodated and who is not. >> the opposition don't believe this. mr kabila is applying to stay in power, and we are telling him are him his time is due, he has to go. mr kabila is the problem of this country. >> reporter: they say they'll try to protest again, raising fears of more violence. if kabila doesn't leave when his term in office ends
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donald trump is emerging as a front runner in the u.s. presidential election, according to the latest polls. tuesday, he was expected to deliver a maiden security and foreign policy speech. >> alan fisher reports. >> he's the man who generates most coverage, support, controversy. donald trump came toll california to talk national security, but it was his word on immigration that provoked protests. there are people here who paid up to 1,000 a ticket to speak. a few meters away there are dozens of protesters who are angry at his message on immigration. for the most part. they are succeeding. >> for a speech heavily promoted. there was little of substance. against it was a promise of things to come.
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donald trump is at everything. as he left the stage, i stopped the leader in the republican race for a quick question. >> what would you say to foreign governments, people in foreign countries, who are scared. >> i don't think anyone will be scared. we'll run things properly. >> in the crowd some liked what he said. >> the military is depleted badly. we need to do something about it. >> reporter: does he have your vote? >> i'm still on the fence. i like what i heard. >> >> reporter: does he have your vote? >> of course. a sign that donald trump commands loyalty, and how divisive he can be time for a break. when we come back, sri lanka's
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government announces a truth commission. plus... >> i'm lucia newman in chile, one of the country where any abortion is a crime. there's a chance that that can soon change. soon change. >> it's exciting. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropical windstorm. >> can affect and surprise us. >> wow! some of these are amazing. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity.
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abortion is a crime. >> millions at stake. shady investments. limited oversight. >> super pacs are part of the wild wild west of campaign finance. >> could actor daniel craig be the latest super pac scam victim? an ali velshi, on target, special investigation. welcome back. a quick reminder of the top stories in al jazeera. germany and austria called for a junified response in the greying
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refugee crisis. hungary declared a state of emergency near the border with serbia. >> there has been a third day of unrest at the al aqsa compound. they went to the mosque to confront protesters. fighting disrupted an opposition rally in the capital of the democratic republic of congo. hundreds gathered to protest plans to cling on to power. >> now, canada has long had a reputation for taking in refugees from around the world. recently the country has come under fire for not accepting enough syrian refugees, it's an issue in the ongoing campaign. daniel lack reports from toronto. more than the heart-wrenching images, news that his uncle's asylum application had been rejected helped to galvanise
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officials. the demand is growing for more syrian refugees to come. this was among 60,000 refugees resettled. they are leading efforts in their own community. >> everyone we talked to has been generous and they know what we have gone through. they are willing to step up and help withous course. >> trying to help as much as we can for those that need help and that we have been through before. >> for the first time ever. refugee policy is an issue. since coming to power, stephen harper's government tightened the rules.rules. uniquely canada allows groups and individuals to sponsor
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refugees, allowing hundreds of thousands to settle in the past. now potential sponsors are literally lining up to get more syrians to come here. most of the 2,000 or so syrians approved for resettlement were privately sponsored. the list of those willing to put up money and guarantee a refugee family is growing. >> it's a war in the city. it's a big employer in a big tower. it's the entire legal community getting together and saying we as a legal community want to sponsor, we want to help and support. >> based with the demand the government is making changes, canada will make it easier to resettle people. more officials may be deployed to the middle east to process applications. no details have been released. >> when the government under the pressure of an election campaign
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makes declarations or announcements about what it is doing or what it will do, there's reason for concern that the election promises may be disingenuous. >> canada is a country of immigrants, refugees. many hope syrians can be part of the growing diversity that most review with pride u.s. president obama asked congress to change the way money is spent on fighting wildfires, the request after the most destructive fires destroyed houses guatemala announced two candidates for the presidential run off in october. tv comedian jimmy morales won the first round, campaigning against corruption. he'll face former first lady.
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the vote was held after the president was arrested in a bribery scandal. >> politicians in chile are debating a reform that could debate anti-abortion laws. >> loouman reports -- rock newman reports. -- lucia newman reports. >> reporter: this is the last photograph taken of this girl's mother since she was 35. in 1932. she remembers being summoned along with siblings to her death bed, after she had undergone an illegal abortion. >> i remember clearly seeing her laying in bed. saying goodbye to all her children. my younger sister was one, i was seven. she could barely speak. she was bleeding to death. >> 83 years later, the
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grandchild she never knew says nothing has changed. women in chile have to resort to illegal, unsafe abortions. i'm one of the privileged ones that pay. for those that can't pay. it's so hypocritical. according to official figures as means 70,000 women undergo illegal abortions a year. even though chile is only one of a handful of countries in the world where abortion is a criminal offense. uruguay's deputy health minister says the legislation is in compatible with chilly jds image. illegal abortions result in illegal procedures. it leads to potentially fatal injuries or infections.
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>> reporter: the socialist president michelle bachelet urged congress to pass a reform bill allowing abortions, if the mother life is in danger ots the foetus unviable. all opposed by the catholic church. or some members of the coalition. >> prior to the abortion. they'd leave as far back as 1981, when the former military dictatorship asked the constitution to make it illegal. >> prechoice advocates say turning the clock back is a positive step. for this woman, it's not enough. she said nothing short of freedom to decide on whether or not to have a child would have saved someone like her mother egypt's foreign ministers
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wrote an open letter to the peep of mexico expressing condolences for the killing of its tourists. the victims were described as innocent. they were treated at this hospital. where they were paid a visit by the acting prime minister of egypt. eight mexicans were among 12 killed when an aircraft opened fire on their convoy. >> houthi rebels in yemen captured two neighbourhoods. security say 40 houthis and 15 pr government fighters have been killed in the past 24 hours. houthis seized the areas, both on the city's western outskirts. and saudi-led coalition and pro-government forces are continuing their assault in the central province. it's aimed at cutting supply routes to sanaa, used by houthi rebels. >> now, the u.s. called on north korea to avoid what it calls
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irresponsible provocations over its nuclear programme, following claims that the main nuclear complex is up and running again. and is working on improving nuclear weapons. the plant's directors say it would respond with a nuclear strike. >> wednesday, the u.n. publishes its report into human rights abuses and war crimes. ahead of the report colombo announced plans to set i'm a truce and reconciliation commission. nadim baba has bore. >> when the sri lankan army tweeted the ltte, known as the tamil tigers and 2009. it ended a war lasting 25 years. ever since there has been accusations. war crimes were committed both sides. they maintained they were fighting directorists.
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a term used for the tamil tigers. >> a united nations report found 40,000 were killed in the final offensive. the u.n. human rights council delivers the result. findings are of the most serious nature and called for a judicial process, backed by monitors. the president who tweeted roger pachl tore made steps towards reconciliation. >> by agreeing to cooperate, or not agreeing, because they are not responsible for what happened in the past. they'll open up, and we'll get the support of the world in dealing with in problem. >> rights groups say sri lanka failed by the military. against the tamil civilians.
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the foreign minister announced plans to launch app truth and reconciliation commission. >> this is having a structure, a compassionate council composted of religious victories. and a structure composted of commissioners. >> tamil politicians in sri lanka want an independent body involving intentional judges, and is far from certain that that will happen zimbabwe's 91-year-old president robert mugabe read out the wrong speech at the opening of parliament. he gave the same speech on august 25th. the opposition used the mistake to question whether he was fit to leave. mugabe blamed it on an unnamed official. social network giant facebook is planning to add a dislike button to the website.
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users have called for it for years. the company has been avoiding using it. now, zuckerberg says the dislike button will help people express empathy from friends. it's been a disappointing start in the champion's league. juventus came from a goal down. city were leading when georgia headed into his own goal. 30 minutes later the italian squired things up. at etihad stadium things got worse for pellegrini's side. 10 minutes left before the whistle. the win was sealed. psv ian hoven won their match. final score 2-1. >> now, an exhibition looking at 30 years of chinese artist wei wei's work. highs passport was unexpectedly
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returned by the government. >> it's the u.k.'s anticipated show of year, where activism and ard collide. it spans 30 years of wei wei's work. and something in between. in china he's known as the designer of the bird nest stadium. which he dismissed as a propaganda event. he's seen as weak, bold and above all political. after the chinese government lifted a 4-year travel ban, the soft spoken artist oversaw the show's installation, and has this message about the refugee crisis. >> the countries have to come up with a decision to help get a better more sound way to deal with the situation. wei wei has been a thorn in the
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side of the government. this piece was made from the rubble of poorly built schools, destroyed by the earthquake. thousands of twisted metal bars have been painstakingly sorted andistrationened. a monument to 5,000 victims, many children. it's work like this that put them on the watch list. surveillance, a recurring theme. >> this work is a sobering account of being held in a secret chinese prison. monitored by guards 24 hours a day. it casts a cold and critical eye back on the chinese government. it's the most celebrated contemporary artist in the world. the stand taken is linked to the art. but it is under rated. it's important, powerful and needs to speak for itself which
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is what is happening here. >> the show is a reflection of artistic achievements. casting a spotlight on the power of art. >> more news on the website. there assist on the screen. >> if we had been having the conversation in 2001, 2003, 2005, about intervening in situations, what people would have said is it's not my business. correspondent sara hoy with a new approach to stopping sex crime on campus. can an app be the solution. far away and close. >> it's worse than what's on tv or in the media.


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